Areas of specialization

Renovations and Construction

Yariv Adler specializes in general exterior renovations from A to T and high-level finishing of all types of work.

Yariv Adler undertakes to provide a thorough and in-depth response to any type of interior and exterior renovation that includes damages resulting from water penetration or land movement.

We carry out what is required until key delivery and ensure quiet and orderly conduct throughout.

With rival Adler, the road is paved for security and quiet in your home.
“Want a clean act, come to Becky artist”

Exterior renovations – by scaffolding or rappelling including concrete plaster and cladding
Interior renovations – by professional teams with a great deal of seniority from A to Z
Bathrooms – Basic work of a very high standard
Painting apartments – Finishes at all levels, from rental to towers
Flooring – Old and experienced home flooring! Standard and perfect work!

Exterior renovation and removal of a dangerous building order​

Along the coastal plain, there are thousands of buildings of poor concrete and iron maintenance nature, with phenomena of:
Cracks, disintegration and peeling of the plaster layer, disintegration of concrete parts, disassembly of concrete parts, exposed bare iron and weakened by corrosive processes of the shaft rods.

These buildings endanger the public in many cases and the municipality imposes a ‘dangerous building order’ which defines the building as dangerous to the public.
The Home Committee is overwhelmingly and immediately obliged to begin concrete and iron restoration under the supervision of a civil engineer.

We act according to the ‘Dangerous Structure Order’ issued by the City Engineer. We are responsible for many years of experience in rebuilding the concrete, iron and poles of the structure, accompanied by a licensed civil engineer on our behalf until the order is removed from the city’s legal and engineering department.

With our hands you can be quiet and confident that the work will be done best on both the concrete reinforcement and restoration process and the removal of the order in front of the city’s legal and engineering department.

“Look at iron at eye level





Engineering, supervision and home inspection

Construction supervision starts with the first thought!
The process of building and reading engineering and architecture plans when renovating a building is a complex process that can incur unscheduled costs and failure to meet time if you do not properly supervise the project.

As a construction supervisor with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, I will assist you throughout the renovation and construction process in finding creative solutions while preserving existing ones.

Proper planning (in collaboration with the architect as needed)
Choosing serious and responsible professionals
Inspection with the contractor
Staying on schedule
An instant solution to problems that arise along the way
Report on work progress clearly and professionally
Images from every stage and from every angle
Accompany the client hand in hand throughout the project and answer the question
A building inspector helps save a lot of money for the client

A home inspection is done while renting, buying, selling and / or damaging water in buildings, an expert must assess cost estimates before entering a move or before receiving a key from a contractor.
We have the knowledge and training to perform a home inspection in a professional, reliable and responsible manner.

We employ the best locators in Israel with the most advanced technological means in the world in complex water damage projects.

Real Estate and Property Management

Yariv Adler is the head of the maintenance team with extensive experience in his personal supervision and skilled teams

24 years’ experience in property holdings
We will take care of your assets and its ongoing maintenance from A to T.
Property improvement advice is provided free of charge to all our clients
Sagit Adler is a heritage broker with many years of real estate experience

25 years of experience in renting and selling properties in Tel Aviv
A deep understanding of the Tel Aviv and Haifa real estate market for investors
Experts in finding and testing quality tenants
Accompanying the process of signing the rental agreement and collating collateral
Work with a reliable attorney, buying and selling attorney
You earn professional service and lots of peace of mind!